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Degree in law from the Faculty of Law in 2000;
Graduate of the Master Course in specialization „Business Law” at the Titu Maiorescu University in 2007.
2000 – Joined the Bar

Iulian Lixandru is a law practitioner with extensive experience in the Romanian and European courts, successfully representing businesses and individuals in various cases.

As an attorney he has successfully defended the interests of private institutions in the following fields:

  • Transport
  • Distribution, trade, construction, purchases and sales of land and other properties
  • Taxation, VAT, service contracts
  • Civil and commercial litigations
  • Agriculture
  • Telecommunications
  • European funds
  • Repossession, removal and debit collection
  • Beauty and cosmetic salons
  • Banks
  • ORC
  • Family law
  • Foreclosure,insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Healthcare, pharmacies, medical offices

Our experience includes, among others, representation before courts of law, public institutions, assistance and advice to numerous companies, foundations and individuals in fields related to specific activity of several sectors of the economy, auto registration, constitution, merger, exclusion and others.

De Iulian

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